Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bear PTA News - October 25, 2018

All the news you need from the PTA… and there is a lot!

Spirit Night TONIGHT!
Don't forget to start out the long weekend by grabbing dinner at Moe's TONIGHT on Zelda Road in honor of our first Spirit Night of the year. Just place your receipt in the Bear bucket by the register & Moe's will donate 20% of the proceeds to our school! The next Spirit Night will be November 27 at the Peppertree Chappy’s Deli.

Red Ribbon Week
Next week is Red Ribbon Week at Bear. This is where we celebrate and encourage students to stay Drug-Free with a week of theme days.

Tuesday – “It’s COOL to be Drug-Free” – Students can wear sunglasses.
Wednesday – “Say BOO to Drugs” – regular uniform
Thursday – “TEAM UP Against Drugs” – Wear your favorite sports team shirt.
Friday – “I CAN, You CAN, We CAN Live Drug Free” – Friday attire. Bring in canned goods for the food pantry at Church of the Holy Comforter, our neighborhood church.

Garden Day on Monday
We will be a having a GEM day on Monday, October 29 during the Bear Open House. Children are welcome to hang out in the garden while parents visit their child’s teacher. We ask that if you drop your child off, please take 15-20 minutes to help pull some weeds before you leave. The garden is a wonderful teaching tool, but it takes a village to keep up the maintenance. If we can get parental help, then your children will be able to use it for a teaching tool instead of always having to do maintenance. Mrs.Sealy will be there from 9 am-3 pm. Garden Chair Ashleigh Livingston will be there from 11 am-3 pm. Looking forward to seeing some new friends on Monday!

Bear Brick Orders are Here
If you ordered a brick for the Bear garden, they have arrived. Come Monday or to a future GEM Day to install your own brick into our beautiful Outdoor Classroom. This is a great way to leave your permanent mark at Bear.

Reflections Art Contest
Across the nation, local PTAs compete in Reflections Art Contests. Bear has had several students compete and win awards at the county and state levels. There are cash prizes for students who compete and win at the school level. The submission deadline is November 15th. The (very important) theme is "Heroes Around Me." The six categories are art, music, dance, writing, film production, and photography. The competition is broken down into grades K-2 and 3-5. Students can enter multiple categories.

All entries must be turned in with an Entry Form. How to Enter and Official Rules can be found on the Bear Blog. All forms can be picked up from Mrs. Bonikowski, or you can email Joanna Kirkland who can send hard copies home with your student.

Bear Wear
Are your students getting chilly? Have they already lost their jacket and sweatshirt? Bear Wear will be available to purchase online starting tonight through next Friday. You can also download an order form and return it to school with cash or check. We have a limited quantity of short-sleeved and long-sleeved Fall Festival t-shirts left. First come, first served.

Specialist Spotlight
The Specialist Spotlight for October is Coach Reynolds – the PE teacher. Coach Reynolds has specifically requested Band-Aid brand bandages - large ones to fit elbows and knees. Other items on her wish list include Lysol wipes, paper towels, gallon Zip-Loc bags (for ice), instant ice packs and AA batteries. If your child brings in an item for Coach Reynolds, make sure that they sign the Gift Log so that they will be entered into a drawing for a prize. There is a collection box in the PE room. 

Summer Packet Prizes
Congratulations to all of the students who completed summer packets and turned them in at the beginning of the school year. The PTA was finally were able to deliver prizes to the students today. We are so thankful that they did not let their brains get “squishy” this summer.

Fall Festival
Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and volunteers who assisted at Fall Festival this year. It was a HUGE success. This year’s Festival was lead by the amazing Traci Bludsworth Schell and Jennifer Parsons. Golden Bears were organized by Mindy Craymer and Toshia Martin. The beautiful gift baskets were made by Jennifer Henderson, and concessions were organized by Angie Heilman. It truly is a team effort that makes Bear such a wonderful school! 

Note to Golden Bears
Thanks so much to all who contributed to the baked goods sale. All of the yummy goodies looked and tasted wonderful! Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and showed out. You guys were full of energy and fun. Everyone made this sale easy and successful!

Chuck E. Cheese’s Field Trip
Students who sold 25 or more discount cards will be invited to attend a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese. The date is Thursday, November 15. Parents can meet us at Chuck E. Cheese as we celebrate with games and pizza.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Bear PTA News - October 2, 1018

Fall Festival is right around the corner and we are all so excited!! Our basket raffle is one of the highlights of the Festival. In years past, we have had wonderful baskets due to the generosity of our amazing parents. The deadline for basket items is Friday, October 5th. Basket themes for each grade level are:

Kindergarten - Family Fun
First - Pamper Me
Second - Arts & Crafts
Third - Gourmet Chef
Fourth - Camping
Fifth - Gift Card

Please submit all basket donations by this Friday. Thank you all for your support!


The Specialist Spotlight for October is Coach Reynolds – the PE teacher. Coach Reynolds has specifically requested Band-Aid brand bandages - large ones to fit elbows and knees. Other items on her wish list include Lysol wipes, paper towels, gallon Zip-Loc bags (for ice), instant ice packs and AA batteries. If your child brings in an item for Coach Reynolds, make sure that they sign the Gift Log so that they will be entered into a drawing for a prize. There is a collection box in the PE room.

Thank you to Banks and Blevins Henderson, Dylan Hines, and Amelia Johnson for bringing in gifts for Mr. Booker. DYLAN HINES is the winner of the prize for September.


We are going to be sending home a survey to parents for their feedback on our PTA. Your participation will help us make improvements, as well as qualify our PTA for a national award. Your participation is appreciated. Surveys are due Oct. 19.


Oct. 4 – Picture Day

Oct. 15 – Deadline for prepaid FF wristbands


Oct. 19 - PTA survey due

Oct. 24 – GLOW - The Teacher Appreciation committee will be contacting volunteers soon to provide a wonderful luncheon for our teachers.

Oct. 25 – Box Tops submission date for October. Be on the lookout for additional information about Box Tops coming home with your child this week.

Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 – Red Ribbon Week – Say No to Drugs. Information will be sent home after the Fall Festival.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bear PTA News - September 27, 2018

The Bear PTA will now send text messages to parents using Remind. If you would like to receive messages from us, there are two ways to join our group:

You can use this link. The group name is bearpt


Text @bearpt to 81010

We look forward to having another avenue to share updates, notes and more with you.

TOMORROW is the last day to order Fall Festival t-shirts. Send in your order form to school or order online. Keep in mind that the comfort colors run small, so order up a size. Please check out the attached picture to notice the size difference between a theme shirt small and a comfort color small. There will be a few additional t-shirts ordered, but a very small number, so order NOW!

Last chance to buy Batteries for Booker! 

Stay tuned for October’s Specialist Spotlight and the winner of the September drawing.

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Bear PTA News - September 21, 2018

Amazing job, Bear Family! We have raised $45,156 with our Discount Card campaign. The PTA will be taking a record-breaking 98 STUDENTS to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate selling 25 cards. Lynn Nguyen was the top seller, and Madi Kirk was the winner of the $100 gift card. Congratulations, girls!

Fall Festival packets were sent home this week. Save the date - Tuesday, October 16. You can purchase what you need for Fall Festival online.

* T-shirts (Short- & Long-Sleeved)
* Wristbands
* Xtra Tickets
* S'more Kits 

Calling all Brain-iacs for a good cause. We are looking for two teams to compete for Bear in the Brain Brawl sponsored by the Montgomery Education Foundation. The three top-scoring teams win cash prizes for our school. We are looking for parents, grandparents, siblings, friends… anyone who can win for Bear! No costs involved. The Brain Brawl is November 8 at 6 p.m. at AUM. If you love trivia and the thrill of competition, then email Kreg Sherbine or text (734) 604-1401.

Thank you to all that have joined the PTA. We have a total membership count of 834. We were short of our 1000 membership goal but did surpass last year’s memberships by over 100! ALL classes reached 100% again for the 16th year. Instead of a popsicle party for each class, we want to reward the school with Nancy’s Italian Ice! Students will get the sweet treat during lunch on September 25th.

Congratulations, Donovan Patton for winning overall memberships with 50 memberships!!! He will be getting $50!

Mrs. Geesey’s class won with most memberships. Her class will be receiving a pizza party, and Mrs. Geesey will be getting a ½ day teacher pass!

Grade level winners are as follow and they will each get $20:
Kindergarten-Will Vines 11 memberships (Mrs. Grant)
1st- Madi Kirk-5 memberships (Ms. Harden)
2nd- Virginia Henley-8 memberships (Mrs. Bear)
3rd - McKinney Simmons-10 memberships (Mrs. Stallworth)
4th- Joy Taylor-12 memberships (Mrs. Gulsby)
5th-Jada Scott-7 memberships (Mr. Brown)

Box Tops submission date for this month is September 27th. For every 50 Box Tops submitted your child will earn one Bear Buck! Don’t forget to put your child’s and teacher’s name on all submissions.

Bear Wear has arrived and was delivered to your student this week.

Have you seen our new Ladies Bear shirts this year? Check out the attached pictures. We still have the lavender shirts ($15), a new aqua/blue soft T-shirt ($12), and a new comfort color seafoam/green shirt ($15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve). We have a limited supply at the school and do not plan to re-order the aqua or seafoam. If you would like one of these for yourself, contact Mindy Cramer.

Limited Quantities – First Come, First Served



Just one more week to get Batteries for Booker!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Bear PTA - September 13, 2018

Thank you for an awesome Discount Card campaign! The official deadline to turn in money was today, and we received A LOT of money. It was better than Christmas for the PTA!!

Because we ran out of cards, we allowed people who requested extra cards last week (and were not able to get them) to have until next Thursday, Sept 20 to turn in their money. Everyone else should have turned in their money today.

We understand that this confused a lot of people, so we will allow all students who turn in money through the 20th to be eligible for prizes. If you have money to turn in, please send it in as soon as possible, as well as any unsold cards you don’t plan to sell. 

There is no need for anyone to worry. Everyone selling 25 cards goes to Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Pizza orders for Math Night are due today. We will not be selling pizzas at Math Night. Pizzas must be pre-ordered. The online store will be open through tonight. Paper order forms will be accepted tomorrow before 9 a.m. $12 for a Domino’s Pizza and four drinks. Online Order Form

The PTA Membership drive ends tomorrow at 9 a.m. PTA Memberships can be purchased online or on paper. So far, we have 742 memberships, which is 258 members away from our goal of 1,000. The competition is fierce this year, so keep selling!

Don’t miss this opportunity to show your support to our school. It only costs $7 per member. The Bear PTA puts forth a lot of effort to provide programs and support for our school. Your membership keeps our organization strong so that we can make Bear the best it can be!

Only one class has not reached 100% - Mrs. Norred’s class. If you have a student in that class, please do your part!


The winning class gets a pizza party, and the teacher gets Half-Day Pass!Brown-47

The student who sells the most memberships wins $50.That number is currently 11.

The student who sells the most memberships in his/her grade wins $20.
Kindergarten-11 memberships
1st-4 memberships
2nd-4 memberships
3rd-10 memberships
4th-4 memberships
5th-9 memberships

Don’t forget about our Specialist Spotlight – Mr. Booker. He let us know that he would LOVE some AA batteries. If you see any at the store this month, pick up a pack for him. He would really get a CHARGE out of that!

VOLUNTEER NEEDEDThe PTA is looking for a volunteer to organize 6 Spirit Nights for Bear this year. This would be a great opportunity for a new parent who wanted to become more involved in the PTA. We will help you know exactly what to do! Email Edris Davis if you are interested.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Discount Card Update - Sept 5, 2018

The Bear PTA has found itself in a wonderful/not-wonderful situation. We have run out of discount cards to distribute at this time. We ordered 6,000 cards - same as last year. Our parents and students are AMAZING!! If we sell all of them, it will be our best year ever.

So what do we do?

* If we order cards today, they won’t arrive until after the discount card deadline. The deadline is Sept 13 at 9 AM.

* Every year on the discount card deadline, we receive hundreds and hundreds of cards back. 😞

* The PTA has decided NOT to order additional cards at this time.

* We want to accommodate the kids who are selling for prizes, such as the iPad Mini and the Chuck E. Cheese’s field trip.

* Therefore, if you want to request more cards so that your child can win a prize, then the PTA must receive your request by September 13 at 9 AM.

* We will fill requests as we are able before Sept 13. However, please know that most additional cards will come home with your child on Sept 13 or 14.

* In order to be eligible for the prizes (iPad Mini & Chuck E. Cheese’s), all money must be turned in by Sept 20.

* If you know you aren’t going to sell your cards (We really want you to sell your cards!), then return them to us ASAP so that we can share with the kids who are selling. BUT please buy at least 1-2 cards before you send them in. Support Bear!

Let Traci Schell know if you have any questions! 

Bear PTA News - Sept 4, 2018

Welcome to September!

It’s our biggest fundraiser, and we have lots of work to do!!! We have nearly 6,000 cards distributed to our students – the most ever! Please feel free to start sending in the money that you are collecting. Also, if you know that you aren’t going to sell all of the cards in your possession, please send some of them back to us. Of course, we would love to have all 6,000 cards sold, so do your very best to sell EVERY CARD that you have checked out! Sell, sell, sell……… it’s for OUR students, OUR teachers, OUR school! If we don’t do it, who will?

We are at 700 total PTA memberships. The top 3 classes are Brown, Gulsby and White. Our goal is to have 1,000 memberships so that the entire school can win a Chill Out Day with Kona Ice. We can do it!

Escape the Ordinary (Tuesday Night) and come to our first PTA Meeting on Tuesday, September 11 at 6:00 p.m.

It will feature an Extracurricular Extravaganza. Parents will have an opportunity to learn about the various after school programs/clubs offered at Bear. The PTA will offer several drawings for giveaways. You must be a PTA member to be eligible for prizes.
  • 2 Fall Festival packages which include 4 wristbands and 2 t-shirts
  • $25 Bear Wear Gift certificate
  • (3) $5 Bear Bucks prizes for students (good at the Book Fair and the school supply cart)
 We will discuss how to earn Free Money for the school, upcoming garden activities, Fall Festival and the Reflections art contest. We will also sell the remaining clothes from the Uniform Sale at deep discounts.

Bear Wear orders should arrive mid-September. We don’t keep a lot of extra sizes in stock, but occasionally we will, so let us know if you need something. If you want to find out if we have the item you need, feel free to email Mindy Craymer or contact via FB message. 

We will be selling some in-stock items at the PTA Meeting including theme shirts and adult t-shirts - perfect for field trips. Cash, check and credit card accepted.

Bear Bricks orders are due September 14th. Bricks are a great way to leave your mark forever at Bear. 

We love our Golden Bears! Grandparents have a wonderful opportunity to help sponsor the outdoor classroom, and in return enjoy a wonderful breakfast with their grandchild in April. Become a Golden Bear today! Membership forms due September 14th. 

Box Tops – The submission deadline for the month of September is Wednesday, September 26.  We will send home submission forms this week. We will NOT send home a submission form each month. Please find them located on our blog.  Also, remember for every 50 Box Tops submitted, your child will receive a "Bear Buck."  Bear Bucks can be used at the supply cart or at the Book Fair (March).  We will have monthly submission dates (typically, the last Wednesday of the month).  We will distribute Bear Bucks no later than the second week of each month. In addition, the class with the most Box Tops by April 24, 2019, will receive a pizza party.

Reminders for submission 
Make sure the Box Top has NOT expired.

You can submit Box Tops two ways:
  1. Affix Box Tops on the sheet, but do NOT staple
  2. Place Box Tops in a resealable plastic bag
Include the number of Box Tops, your child's name, and teacher's name.

Publix - Effective October 1st, Publix will no longer honor the Publix key tags.  In an effort to go "green" they are going paperless.  SO, we are asking each person to sign-up through Publix Partners and select Bear Exploration Center as your school choice.  The link is  Please ask friends and family members to do the same.  If you have an established account, go back into your account and select Bear. Once you establish your account, do not forget to enter your phone number at the register for your purchase.

Coke Rewards - Coke has reestablished their rewards program.  Please send in your coke product tops in a zip lock bag. 

Mark your calendars for Math Night on Tuesday, September 18. We are SO lucky to have a fabulous staff who plan an amazing night of educational activities for our students. The PTA supports Math Night by providing a low-cost pizza dinner for families ahead of the event. Stay tuned for more details.

For each month of the school year, we will choose a Bear Specialist to shower with some extra love. Please have your child bring in items from this teacher’s wish list. When your child brings in an item, make sure that he/she signs the Gift Log. At the end of the month, one student from the Gift Log (chosen at random) will win a Nancy’s gift card and a Bear Buck (good at the school supply cart and the Book Fair).

The Specialist of the Month for September is our school counselor – Mr. Papa Bear , himself… Mr. Booker!

Some items on his wish list include:
  • Washable markers
  • Lysol spray
  • Gallon zipper bags
  • Batteries – AA or AAA
  • Incentive stickers
  • Air spray for computers
  • Office Depot gift cards
  • 32 GB flash drives
Thank you, Fellow Campers! Come out and see us next Tuesday, so we can help you navigate all of this information. As you can see, there is a way for every parent and grandparent to help out at Bear. So glad we are on this adventure together!