Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mayor's 1/2 Marathon

Run Bear Run!!!

Dear Parents,
The Mayor's 1/2 Marathon Run will take place October 12th downtown Montgomery. We are encouraging all students to participate. They will run one mile that day but will have completed 12 miles during their P.E. classes. The cost is $15.00 and this includes a fabulous running shirt and recognition after the race. They will actually run into the Biscuits Stadium. Please participate if you are able registration forms are due by Sept. 6th !

Thank you,
SueAnne Reynolds
Physical Education Teacher

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Have a Great First Day of School

Hi!  Are you and your children excited, or nervous?  Here are a couple of quick things that can make the first day school more exciting and less nerve wracking.
  1. Pack everything Sunday Afternoon.  Get those lunches ready, fill out all your forms and pack those backpacks by Sunday Afternoon.  Get it out of the way so you can have a relaxing evening Sunday Night.  Maybe watch a movie or TV show or read a fun book together. 
  2. Take a few minutes to review their successes of the past year.  Tell them how proud you are of how much progress they made last year.  Encourage them.  If they are in Kindergarten, remind them of how much they already know.  They are so smart.  Let them know that you know how smart they really are.
  3. Go to bed early.  It will be tough to get them to bed early, but sleep is so important.  The children need it and so do you.
  4. On Monday Morning… take pictures.  They grow so fast.  Below are links to some 1st Day of School Printable.

  1. If you come into the school Monday Morning, quickly take pictures and drop off.  The sooner you get out of sight, the better.
  2. Stop by the BooHoo Yahoo Breakfast sponsored by the Bear PTA in the lunchroom. It is a great place to meet and visit with other parents.  

Before you know it, you will have your little chefs back in your home kitchen!
Do you have any good tips for the first day of school?  Please share in the comments!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making the most of your Bear Back to School Night!!

Hi Friends ~  Much preparation has been going on at Bear, getting ready for your children to start later on this month.  Before school starts we have Bear Back-to-School-Nights (BtSN).  Full of fun and information, and you certainly want to make the best of it.  So here are a few ideas to help you have a great BtSN!!

Come early, but not too early.  The door to your BtSN will open about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  You want to get there, get parked, get a place to sit or stand, and be ready once the meeting begins.  If the meeting you will be attending is second one of the day, please know that the previous group might still be there.

Make friends.  Everyone in the meeting is connected to the same grade.  Meet parents, other children.  Those connections can be helpful during the school year.

Bring a note pad for notes.  I know, you have a cell phone for notes.  For this meeting, skip the phone and use paper.  Your kids know that you can check Facebook, email and even play games quietly, all the while not paying attention.  Show them that this is important enough to not have your phone out.  And you will be modeling what to do when something is important… write it down.

You will get a lot of information at BtSN.  Part of this meeting is held in the Lunchroom and part of it is held in the classroom.  This is an opportunity to meet the teachers.  This is not a good time for a conversation with the Teacher about an important issue.  Plan to make an appointment to discuss the matter.

 Plan to Plug in.  You will receive a Bear PTA packet that includes all your PTA forms.  Each teacher will be looking for parents to help with functions during the year.  Considering volunteering.  This school is great, and we need you to help make it greater!!
Not sure when your BtSN is?  Check below…
Tuesday, August 13
5th grade at 5pm
4th grade at 6:15
Wednesday August 14
3rd grade at 5pm
2nd grade at 6:15
Thursday, August 15
 1st grade at 4pm
Kindergarten at 5:30

We look forward to seeing you soon!!