Summer Skills Review Packets

On Thursday, May 24 students at Bear will saddle up their horses for the last time for the 2017-18 school year. To make sure that the foundation built over the last nine months remains firm, the PTA, with guidance from our wonderful teachers, have put together Summer Skills review packets.

1. Choose the grade level that your child was in THIS year (the 2017-18 school year).
2. Print off both the English and Math sections for your student.
3. Have the student complete the work.
4. Return the packets to your child's new teacher during the first week of school, no later than Friday, August, 10.

Participation is OPTIONAL. Students who complete both the English and Match sections of their packet and return it to school by August 10 will be rewarded with a prize from the PTA.

For Students Going to First Grade:

For Students Going to Second Grade:

For Students Going to Third Grade:

For Students Going to Fourth Grade:

For Students Going to Fifth Grade:

Stop the Summer Slide!

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