Thursday, September 6, 2018

Discount Card Update - Sept 5, 2018

The Bear PTA has found itself in a wonderful/not-wonderful situation. We have run out of discount cards to distribute at this time. We ordered 6,000 cards - same as last year. Our parents and students are AMAZING!! If we sell all of them, it will be our best year ever.

So what do we do?

* If we order cards today, they won’t arrive until after the discount card deadline. The deadline is Sept 13 at 9 AM.

* Every year on the discount card deadline, we receive hundreds and hundreds of cards back. 😞

* The PTA has decided NOT to order additional cards at this time.

* We want to accommodate the kids who are selling for prizes, such as the iPad Mini and the Chuck E. Cheese’s field trip.

* Therefore, if you want to request more cards so that your child can win a prize, then the PTA must receive your request by September 13 at 9 AM.

* We will fill requests as we are able before Sept 13. However, please know that most additional cards will come home with your child on Sept 13 or 14.

* In order to be eligible for the prizes (iPad Mini & Chuck E. Cheese’s), all money must be turned in by Sept 20.

* If you know you aren’t going to sell your cards (We really want you to sell your cards!), then return them to us ASAP so that we can share with the kids who are selling. BUT please buy at least 1-2 cards before you send them in. Support Bear!

Let Traci Schell know if you have any questions! 

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